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There are some who call me… Tim?

Christmas List 2016

Gray’s 2016 Christmas List:

Toaster (wide enough to toast bagels)

Gods of Mars (paperback) – This guy needs to be paperback to match the copies in the rest of the trilogy 🙂

Algorithms to Live By

Back scratcher

Shirts from Local PDX breweries (men’s medium)

Hoodie from Ninkasi

Pint glasses from local PDX breweries (I collect them!)

Touring rack for bike – Allie and I have tentatively planned a few long/overnight bike adventures next year. Gonna need this to carry sleeping bags / extra water.

Coffee Burr Grinder

Paper towel holder

USB drink heater (to keep coffee warm at work)

Sweat pants (32×32)

Video Games: Here is my wishlist on Steam:



I don’t want/need this, but  I feel like you should all see it: Wi-fi enabled Smart Egg Tray w/ Smartphone App

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