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There are some who call me… Tim?

Christmas List, 2011

Christmas is coming! Yaay!

Stuff I would like for Christmas:

Car Related:

A new windshield for my car

A full car fluids change and topping off (transmission fluid, oil, coolant, all that stuff)

Vidja Games:


Nuclear Dawn (also on Sale on Steam’s Autumn sale)

Random Stuff:

Lottery tickets are a good stocking stuffer.. Just sayin’.

Marie Curie is my Heroine Shirt

Butterfly in a Jar (Blue Morpho preferred)

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Coffee Mug ( lots of suggestions for this one ) , though frankly I really just need a nerdy mug for the office for coffee!

Aperture Science Beer Mug

Waay out there:

New Laptop

Winning PowerBall ticket ( > $300 million. I would definitely help with your bills forever if you got me this! )

More To Come!

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