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There are some who call me… Tim?

Christmas List, 2010

I have seriously not updated this website in a year.

Wow. Go Gray! =P

So here is what I want for the upcoming 2010 christmas holiday.

– Peace on Earth.

Earth, The Book

– Small footprint desk lamp (my desk is tiny. The smaller the footprint the better. I do have shelf hanging over my desk, so if it had a clip and could hang down, that would be good too)

– Internal frame backpack

– 3 season sleeping bag

– Monster Lab (for DS lite)

– WoW: Cataclysm

Fable 3 for PC Pre-Order

– a USB to DS Lite charger so I don’t have to use my limited supply of power outlets

– a powered USB hub with at least 4 plugs on it (it must have power from wall too! My usb mouse has a very large d(Range)/d(Power))

– You know how you can mix peanut butter, sugar, and condensed milk to make that putty stuff? Yuuuum ^_^ Don’t expect statues without bite marks in them.

– Apparel from ThinkGeek! Imperial Death Star Officer’s Cap Steampunk Skeleton Science To Do Shirt Heroine: Marie Curie

Plush Cthulhu so I might have a constant reminder of the end times to come

Medieval Weapons Push Pins to hold my stuff to the wall

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Matrix Cube Alarm Clock (I use my phone as an alarm)

Merry Christmas!

Jumble, End Post

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