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There are some who call me… Tim?

Christmas List 2017!

Gray’s 2016 Christmas List:

Toaster (wide enough to toast bagels)

Algorithms to Live By

Shirts from Local PDX breweries (men’s medium)

Pint glasses from local PDX breweries (I collect them!)

Light weight halloween pajamas (summer weight – men’s large!)

French press big enough for 2 – 3 cups of coffee (24-36 fl oz)

Belgian Waffle Maker (will make waffles Christmas morning if I get this!)

Hand-held vacuum cleaner

Touring rack for bike – Allie and I have tentatively planned a few long/overnight bike adventures next year. Gonna need this to carry sleeping bags / extra water.

Sweat pants (32×32)

Futurama! Seasons 1-4 + the movies (They’ve been taken off of Netflix 🙁 )

Video Games: Here is my wishlist on Steam:


Allie Ideas:

Allie is a bit harder to get gifts for – she is pretty minimalist and doesn’t like junk.
Some thoughts:

  • Books! She like fiction, but not fantasy or sci-fi. If you aren’t feeling particularly inspired, kindle gift cards are a safe bet
  • School supplies, including pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Not glamorous but having these on hand helps her help students
    • Play-doh, Gluesticks, Sharpies, and colorful pens (she’s got plenty of pens, pencils, notebooks)
  • Board games. She likes a lot of strategy games, including Small World, Takenoko, and similar.
  • Lumen Fidei or Estrella Drive . Jhon got her great board game (TIME Stories) for xmas last year. We’ve played most of the expansions but we’re still missing these two.
  • Miracle fruit tablets – 60 tablets (she wants to use these in one of her classes!)

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