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There are some who call me… Tim?

Christmas 2013

Yaaay! Merry Christmas!

Gray’s Magical Christmas List:

“Mad Brewer” Upgrade Kit (Includes a bunch of tools to bring science to my brewing)

Extra 1-gallon fermenter, with air lock and tubing

Designing Great Beers (book)

Fancy air filtering thing like Jhon has in his room

Europa Universalis IV

Some nice, framed pictures of friends and family (including the puppies!) for my desk at home and at work (I don’t get to see y’all as much anymore D: )

Oregon in Heart Bumpersticker or Window Cling

Any sugary combination on peanut butter and chocolate. Yum!

Any dish with peanut sauce. MmMmm!

(unfortunately) Dress Shirts and Slacks, maybe a sport coat.

Warm, cold weather cycling gear (so I can bike in the East Coast winters)

Aperture Science Scarf

Toxic Waste Laundry Hamper (it sure beats the floor)

Will add more over time!

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