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There are some who call me… Tim?

Xmas: 2019


Dressy button-up shirts (slim-fit, 16 collar 34 chest 35 sleeve)

New message bag (business appropriate, preferably able to fit an 18″ laptop)

Soft lunch box (fun but business appropriate)

Knee brace (Mom may already be on this, 17″ but I’ve found these to be tight)

See’s Candy (assorted)

Dual layered running socks (mine all have holes, shoe size Men’s 10.5)

Futurama box set

Warhammer 40k: Adeptus Mechanicus stuff (Tech Priest, Cawl, Vanguard, Ruststalkers)

Dremel tool set

Glass mixing bowls for baking



Gloves (small)- ideally knitted, fun colors

Fun, soft socks with science/animal theme (shoe size Women’s 8)

Small soft cooler for car camping

Books/ book gift cards (Barnes and Noble, Powells)

Board games that are similar to T.I.M.E. Stories but not T.I.M.E. stories

Xmas List 2018


  • Dremel tool set
  • Adeptus Mechanicus Start Collecting
  • Food processor
  • Warm running clothes
  • Lights to wear while running in the dark
  • Halloween-themed throw pillows
  • The Martian (book &/or movie)
  • Containers to store coffee grounds
  • NASA lego sets


  • Books
  • Gift cards for The Loft
  • Bear canister for backpacking
  • Small cooler for car camping
  • Waterproof compression bag for clothes & stuff

Christmas List 2017!

Gray’s 2016 Christmas List:

Toaster (wide enough to toast bagels)

Algorithms to Live By

Shirts from Local PDX breweries (men’s medium)

Pint glasses from local PDX breweries (I collect them!)

Light weight halloween pajamas (summer weight – men’s large!)

French press big enough for 2 – 3 cups of coffee (24-36 fl oz)

Belgian Waffle Maker (will make waffles Christmas morning if I get this!)

Hand-held vacuum cleaner

Touring rack for bike – Allie and I have tentatively planned a few long/overnight bike adventures next year. Gonna need this to carry sleeping bags / extra water.

Sweat pants (32×32)

Futurama! Seasons 1-4 + the movies (They’ve been taken off of Netflix 🙁 )

Video Games: Here is my wishlist on Steam:


Allie Ideas:

Allie is a bit harder to get gifts for – she is pretty minimalist and doesn’t like junk.
Some thoughts:

  • Books! She like fiction, but not fantasy or sci-fi. If you aren’t feeling particularly inspired, kindle gift cards are a safe bet
  • School supplies, including pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Not glamorous but having these on hand helps her help students
    • Play-doh, Gluesticks, Sharpies, and colorful pens (she’s got plenty of pens, pencils, notebooks)
  • Board games. She likes a lot of strategy games, including Small World, Takenoko, and similar.
  • Lumen Fidei or Estrella Drive . Jhon got her great board game (TIME Stories) for xmas last year. We’ve played most of the expansions but we’re still missing these two.
  • Miracle fruit tablets – 60 tablets (she wants to use these in one of her classes!)

Christmas List 2016

Gray’s 2016 Christmas List:

Toaster (wide enough to toast bagels)

Gods of Mars (paperback) – This guy needs to be paperback to match the copies in the rest of the trilogy 🙂

Algorithms to Live By

Back scratcher

Shirts from Local PDX breweries (men’s medium)

Hoodie from Ninkasi

Pint glasses from local PDX breweries (I collect them!)

Touring rack for bike – Allie and I have tentatively planned a few long/overnight bike adventures next year. Gonna need this to carry sleeping bags / extra water.

Coffee Burr Grinder

Paper towel holder

USB drink heater (to keep coffee warm at work)

Sweat pants (32×32)

Video Games: Here is my wishlist on Steam:



I don’t want/need this, but  I feel like you should all see it: Wi-fi enabled Smart Egg Tray w/ Smartphone App

Christmas List 2015

Welcome back! This website gets used literally only once per year!

Gray’s 2015 Christmas list:


Sheepskin (faux or real) blanket – D.C. gets very cold 🙁

Low profile protective case for Nexus 5X (the X is important)

Gods of Mars book

Air Vent mounted Phone Holder for Car (something like this)

Planetbase or other interesting base-building game

Comical science-y or geeky shirts for work

Periodic Table Wall Poster (for office at work)

Bottle of White Christmas (the rum/brandy blend)

Socks, preferably two layer. Mine are getting worn through.


My steam wishlist is also up to date 🙂


Will add more later..

Christmas List 2014

Merry Christmas!

Work in Progress but:

  • A new monitor
  • A nice messenger bag for work (needs to be professional and snazy, I want to carry stuff in it when I see clients)
  • A warm overcoat (professional again, to go over a suit.. for work!)
  • XBox 360 controller (for playing Assassin’s Creed games)
  • e-reader (amazon associated)
  • 1 day backpacking bag (something between my tiny water bag and my multi-day bag)
  • ‘Gods of Mars’
  • ‘Horus Rising’
  • Furry Adventure Slippers
  • Peanut butter candies. Yuuum!
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth
  • One of those little robots that charges up capacitors to move around like Dad has on his desk
  • Little LEGO star wars mini-set  things (I already have a star destroyer, Republic attack Cruiser, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, and AT-ST 🙂 )
  • Futurama Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 on DVD
  • More to come..


Christmas 2013

Yaaay! Merry Christmas!

Gray’s Magical Christmas List:

“Mad Brewer” Upgrade Kit (Includes a bunch of tools to bring science to my brewing)

Extra 1-gallon fermenter, with air lock and tubing

Designing Great Beers (book)

Fancy air filtering thing like Jhon has in his room

Europa Universalis IV

Some nice, framed pictures of friends and family (including the puppies!) for my desk at home and at work (I don’t get to see y’all as much anymore D: )

Oregon in Heart Bumpersticker or Window Cling

Any sugary combination on peanut butter and chocolate. Yum!

Any dish with peanut sauce. MmMmm!

(unfortunately) Dress Shirts and Slacks, maybe a sport coat.

Warm, cold weather cycling gear (so I can bike in the East Coast winters)

Aperture Science Scarf

Toxic Waste Laundry Hamper (it sure beats the floor)

Will add more over time!

Christmas List 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Things I want:

Comforter Cover (basically a big bag!)

Dress shirts and Ties

Wifi card for my desktop

Mass Effect 3 for PC

Aperture Science Work Shirt

Tie Clip

The Games on my Steam Wishlist

Christmas List, 2011

Christmas is coming! Yaay!

Stuff I would like for Christmas:

Car Related:

A new windshield for my car

A full car fluids change and topping off (transmission fluid, oil, coolant, all that stuff)

Vidja Games:


Nuclear Dawn (also on Sale on Steam’s Autumn sale)

Random Stuff:

Lottery tickets are a good stocking stuffer.. Just sayin’.

Marie Curie is my Heroine Shirt

Butterfly in a Jar (Blue Morpho preferred)

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Coffee Mug ( lots of suggestions for this one ) , though frankly I really just need a nerdy mug for the office for coffee!

Aperture Science Beer Mug

Waay out there:

New Laptop

Winning PowerBall ticket ( > $300 million. I would definitely help with your bills forever if you got me this! )

More To Come!

Christmas List, 2010

I have seriously not updated this website in a year.

Wow. Go Gray! =P

So here is what I want for the upcoming 2010 christmas holiday.

– Peace on Earth.

Earth, The Book

– Small footprint desk lamp (my desk is tiny. The smaller the footprint the better. I do have shelf hanging over my desk, so if it had a clip and could hang down, that would be good too)

– Internal frame backpack

– 3 season sleeping bag

– Monster Lab (for DS lite)

– WoW: Cataclysm

Fable 3 for PC Pre-Order

– a USB to DS Lite charger so I don’t have to use my limited supply of power outlets

– a powered USB hub with at least 4 plugs on it (it must have power from wall too! My usb mouse has a very large d(Range)/d(Power))

– You know how you can mix peanut butter, sugar, and condensed milk to make that putty stuff? Yuuuum ^_^ Don’t expect statues without bite marks in them.

– Apparel from ThinkGeek! Imperial Death Star Officer’s Cap Steampunk Skeleton Science To Do Shirt Heroine: Marie Curie

Plush Cthulhu so I might have a constant reminder of the end times to come

Medieval Weapons Push Pins to hold my stuff to the wall

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Matrix Cube Alarm Clock (I use my phone as an alarm)

Merry Christmas!

Jumble, End Post

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